Retirement Phase

System Withdrawal

This step covers the removal of the system from active operations,

The system owner ensures that, users are deactivated and interfaces disabled.

No data is added to the system from this point forward. Special access should be retained for data reporting, results and support.


System Decommissioning

Decommissioning ensures a controlled shutdown of a retired system. Components can be used as spare parts for other systems.


System Disposal

Data, documentation, software, or hardware may be permanently destroyed in the Disposal step.

Data and documentation may not be disposed of until they have reached the end of the record retention as specified in the Record Retention policy of the company.

Take care that stored data can still be subject and must be made available relatively simple, although the initial system is not available anymore.


Migration of Data

When the old system is replaced by a new system, data migration may be required. The migration process must be accurate, complete, and verified.